3 Places in Your House To Consider Adding Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a space, the first you think about might not be insulation and what type to use. However, it’s worthwhile to consider using spray foam insulation, not only for heat and cooling efficiency, but for the surprising advantages that come with using spray foam insulation in certain rooms of your home. 

1. Noisy Rooms

What do an entertainment center, a playroom, and a studio/music room have in common? They all are rooms that may produce a lot of sound! One of the great benefits of spray foam insulation is its function as sound-proofing. The foam is able to act a bit like sound barrier and can help tamp down the loud sounds from a media center, high-octane game of dress-up, or budding student-musician. 

2. Unusually Shaped Rooms 

Rooms with sloped ceilings or funky corners can sometimes be difficult to fill with insulation and may be neglected. Spray foam insulation has the benefit of being able to fit into oddly shaped spaces and curvy corners, so even the most unusually shaped rooms can be properly insulated. Working with professional insulation contractors Maryland who have experience in all sorts of room shapes and sizes will be able to help you properly insulate these tricky spots. 

3. Water-logged Rooms

One thing a bathroom, mudroom, and laundry room all share is their proximity to water. Whether you’ve splashed in the tub or steamed up the mirror, dragged in muddy boots and wet coats, or hung damp sweaters to dry, you’ve added moisture to the room. That moisture can then cause mildew growth inside walls where you’re unable to see the damage. Spray foam insulation acts as a sealant against water and vapor and can help protect the walls around these rooms from growing mildew and mold. 

When adding spray foam to your new home, remember to think of all the benefits this sort of insulation can provide and you’ll end up with a ship-shape, cozy home from top to bottom.