3 Tips to Finding Seafood in Dallas Area

People seem to forget that Texas is not a landlocked state. With the Gulf of Mexico just a handful of hours away from most major cities, you can find some great, mouth watering seafood in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You definitely want to do some research, but to get started, here are a handful of tips to consider before you order.

Read Reviews On Multiple Websites

Restaurants will claim to have the best seafood in Dallas, but Dallas is actually a large county with many smaller towns and cities bordering downtown. Read reviews from a variety of websites so you know the information on restaurant websites is accurate and up to date. You may want to know where the seafood comes from and how often it’s delivered for the sake of freshness.

Know What You’re Looking For

Seafood Plano restaurants can be Cajun style or California style. Sushi is considered a type of seafood by many restaurants. If you want fish tacos, you most likely will not find them at an Asian restaurant. If you want crawfish, then you need to call ahead to most places in the Dallas area to ensure it’s in season.

Ask About Sustainability

Protect the ocean by asking the restaurant or reading their website to find out more about their techniques to ensure responsible fishing. The ocean is precious and with new global warming trends, we should value it and protect it by asking restaurants to do their part in sustaining the ocean. Most of the time you can find this information online or printed on a menu.  This is also a great tip when approaching the seafood counter at your neighborhood grocery store.

You don’t need to travel to Maine, Florida, or Louisiana for great seafood if you live in the Lone Star State. Enjoy your meal.