5 Tips for Segregating Your Waste at Home

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Waste segregation is an action so important, that an effective practice of it would not only be realized to be beneficial to the occupants of the home in question, but would also be advantageous to environmental health.

Where waste is not segregated as it should, it may result in a poor disposal of certain wastes, which would reach the landfill and contribute to the pollution of air and water.

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Below are five factors instrumental to the segregation, which aids in the correct disposal of waste at home:

Separate Bags, for Separate Waste:

There are certain types of wastes that are of a dry nature, just as there are the ones that are of a wet nature. If a proper segregation is to be had, these wastes must be ‘stored’ properly. Plastic and glass materials should be disposed of in a dry bag. Clothes are of a dry nature, as well as shoes and food containers. Where these are made clean, they may be recycled, or given to organisations that collect them, thus reducing the wastes that get to the dump site.

Compost the Wet Waste:

Kitchen waste like vegetables, fruit peels, egg shells, fish insides and scales, cooked food, would qualify as wet waste, and it is best that these types of waste are composed. There are different processes by which wet waste may be composed, and when done properly, rich compost will be had, and it can either be used at home, or sold as manure.

Store the Hazardous wastes separately:

Cleaning agents, paints, insecticides, and other combustible and flammable materials would qualify as hazardous and what is best done to them is that they are properly disposed of. This may be by keeping the materials in their original packaging before disposing of them, donating them, or dropping them off to specific facilities that cater to hazardous materials.

Dry before you Dispose:

Before these wastes are put in a bag, it is necessary that they are properly dried. The cake and pizza boxes are dry waste, and they should be cleaned and dried before being disposed of. Where they are bottles that contain a sauce or flavoring, they must be washed clean and dried before getting added to the bag of dry waste.

Dispose Properly:

Where it is an item that may not fall under the category to be donated or composed and would simply be thrown away, the disposal of such item should be done properly. Broken furniture, glass, sanitary wares, or simply debris should be stored properly till they are ready to be picked up.

The amount of waste generated at home is a lot, and it is for this reason important that it is disposed properly because when it isn’t, the wastes would prove hazardous to the environment, which would in turn negatively affect the standard of living of the general public.