5 Tips to Encourage Gardening in the Family

5 Health Benefits of Gardening and Planting

Gardening has been a therapeutic and connecting activity when the entire family comes together. When we were kids, our parents always reminded us of the planting day via calendar invites to have a day spare for planting together.

Since childhood, we knew that gardening was a family activity that beautifies family bonds and the house alike. So whether you have an acre of land or a few pots on a rooftop: you will all be happier! 

Gardening is a simple activity to enjoy, and you’ll reap the benefits in addition to the fresh produce, beautiful flowers, and aromatic herbs you grow. You don’t even have to linger for your seeds to grow to reap the benefits. Some of them are almost immediate (such as stress relief).

Let us see how you can encourage your kids, no matter the age, to be up for this natural therapy.

1. Time With the Family

When parents and children work with each other to plant and maintain a garden, everybody benefits. Gardening is an entire process of preparation, seeding, and maintaining a family garden to provide physical exercise with a common goal.

If you are kids are busy and out of town or house, you can also send them calendar invites to have everyone on board.

Plus, gardening instills discipline in children and provides a feeling of achievement. It gives you all a foundation to build on—and appreciate—as a family, which strengthens your relationship.

2. Better Mood, Less Stress

Gardening is a fantastic stress reliever for a variety of purposes, including openness to fresher air and sunlight, calming and repetitive activities, and even interaction with benign soil bacteria, which helps the brain release serotonin.

3. Amazing Outdoor Activity

Because of the insane interest of kids in online games, they tend to spend a lot of time in the house, which can negatively impact their attitudes and well-being. In such a case, gardening becomes essential. Also, a family garden allows your kids to get outside and experience the natural environment.

4. Restful Sleep

Physical exercise decreased stress, and getting outside is among the top factors that will help everyone get more and better sleep. Good sleep, in turn, may enhance a child’s behavior and academic achievement. It does work for us, and I am sure it will work for your kids too.

5. Better Physical Health

Educate your kids from the very start. Tell them how gardening and lawn work are low-intensity workouts that we all need on a daily basis. When our kids are provided health benefits, they do like to participate. 

Although caring for your family garden does not require the same level of physical exertion as running or singles tennis, it is still beneficial to your health. Besides this, it helps to develop and stretch fine motor skills.

There are, of course, a lot more benefits that you must tell your kids about and enlighten them about gardening and its natural effects. Convince them with science and biology, and you will see how their interest raises.