6 Benefits of Regularly Pressure Washing Your Home’s Exterior

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably never pressure washed your home’s exterior. But once you do, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! In fact, having your home pressure washed regularly can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons, including looking new again, increasing curb appeal and making it easier to clean the inside of your home as well! Here are six of the main benefits to regularly pressure washing your home’s exterior.

This information was put together by our pressure washing Southington team! We’re proud of the work we do and are happy to share our expertise with homeowners. Trust Southington Power Washers to get the job done right.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew can build up on homes if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Black mold can even cause health issues in some people. A professional pressure-washing service uses water and a strong cleaning solution to remove these fungal spots—and protect your family’s health at the same time.

If you don’t have mold and mildew now, pressure-washing your home on a regular basis can also help prevent mildew and mold growth under siding—or even growing inside walls that have moist air getting into them. You could be saving yourself some expensive remodeling in years to come by cleaning up while it’s still easy!

Clean Up Stains & Spots

Stains and spots are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to be one of those people who never seems to be able to keep up with outdoor maintenance, or maybe it stems from fears that stains and spots might point out other imperfections in your home. Either way, good news: They can go away easily with professional pressure washing services.

These services can take care of spots and stains for you, keeping your home looking fresh. If you have hard-to-remove stains on your driveway or patio, professional pressure washing companies will be able to remove them, leaving behind a surface that looks clean and new.

Pressure washing services are an important part of overall exterior home maintenance. Professionals can handle staining and scum removal on surfaces like wood decking, concrete walkways, and stone patios without damaging these surfaces with heat or harsh chemicals.

Prevent Further Damage

Preventing mold and mildew is essential to extending your home’s lifespan. Mold spores can be found on practically any surface that has been exposed to moisture, including wood, brick, siding, shingles and even windows. Oftentimes, homeowners overlook cleaning their windows because they think that it won’t cause as much damage as other parts of their house. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The buildup of grime on windows can grow mold quickly once left untreated.

By keeping your home clean, you not only prevent mildew from growing, but you also keep dirt and grime from collecting on other parts of your home. Dirt buildup on shingles and other surfaces can eventually lead to discoloration or peeling paint if it isn’t treated early enough. Having your home pressure washed regularly will help delay these problems from developing, which could save you money in repairs in a few years. As they say: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Enhance Curb Appeal

When a property looks well-maintained and well-kept, it helps attract potential buyers and inspires confidence. That’s why pressure washing is such an important step when trying to sell a home; it creates that appealing curb appeal many buyers expect to see. This can help increase your chances of getting more showings and will boost you up in price negotiations. The key with curb appeal: make sure you don’t overdo it; after all, part of its appeal is its subtlety.

Maintaining a professional appearance is important. Most home buyers will judge how well a house has been cared for based on its exterior. Dirty or peeling paint makes a house look old and worn out, which can have an adverse impact on your asking price and curb appeal.

Add Years to the Life of Your House

Pressure washing is a great way to protect your investment in a home. While paint jobs and interior decorating may be more exciting, they won’t do as much for your home as regular pressure washing can. Whether or not you plan on selling anytime soon, investing in professional pressure washing services has several upsides—like helping to eliminate mold and mildew growth on exterior surfaces.

On a similar note, pressure washing is an excellent way to make sure your home’s exterior stays in good condition. As you regularly wash it, you can notice any signs of wear and tear or damage; these can then be addressed before they get worse. Again, taking care of potential problems early on will help maintain your home and keep it in good shape for years to come.

Increase Sale Value if Selling House

If you plan to sell your home, having a fresh coat of paint, or a new fence or roof will make it much more attractive to buyers. Even minor updates like repainting your front door can drastically improve your home’s curb appeal, making it more desirable and raising its value. You could even price out how much money pressure washing would cost versus how much painting it would cost — and end up saving yourself time and effort as well as money by hiring professionals instead!

Professional pressure washing services are reasonably priced, and they can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Plus, if you plan to sell your home soon, they can make it easier to get a higher selling price. According to Home Advisor the average cost to pressure wash a house is between $192 and $400. That’s a small price to potentially increase your home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars. Pressure washing your driveway or siding can dramatically increase how much money you earn in a sale!

Professional Power Washing Compared To DIY

When it comes to getting results, however, there is simply no comparison between DIY pressure washing and professional power washing. The former tends to blast dirt away from your home without really addressing deep-seated issues like mold or mildew that can develop in hidden corners on your roof, fascia boards or gutters over time if left alone. Professionals also often use specialized solutions that go beyond water pressure to provide greater protection against exterior damage in all seasons (and climates). And they’re trained with equipment usage techniques that allow them to work quickly while avoiding accidents around obstacles like trees and house plants — without causing damage or additional cleanup later on.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for fast, effective results with less time, less hassle and no chance of accidents at home — professional power washing is not just an option but arguably one of your best choices.