A Letter Written Entirely in Italian

My Italian teacher gave the class an assignment to test our Italian fluency. She told us to write a letter to a fictional pen pal entirely in Italian. We were allowed to use any words we wanted in the letter, as long as they fit correctly into each sentence on a grammatical level. The letter had to be at least two pages long, but we could write more if we wanted to do so. I thought writing more than two pages would be overkill, so I stuck to the required page length. I used the Analisi Logica grammar checker to make sure that all of my sentences were grammatically correct.

I never thought that writing to a fictional person could be so hard. While I was creating my letter, I kept getting writers block. Part of that was because I couldn’t come up with something interesting to write, and the other part was that I had a little trouble thinking of the right way to say it in Italian. A lot of the other students had similar problems while writing their letters. I talked to some of the other students about their letters after they submitted them, and some of them had similar letters to one another. The teacher probably figured this would happen, especially since we’ve all been learning the same words.

The teacher was impressed with the letter that I wrote. She liked that I included some new words that weren’t covered in the class, but she also wished that I had written more than the required two pages. My teacher wanted to know if I’m going to take Italian after the required two semesters that every student is required to take, and I told her that I wasn’t sure. While I like Italian, there are some other classes that I want to take.