Working in Sales Will Help to Support My Growing Family

I was thrilled when my wife told me that we were going to have our fourth child. We didn’t plan for it, and it was a complete surprise to us both. What made me nervous was the knowledge that my wife doesn’t work, and my paycheck wouldn’t support six of us well. I had to figure things out quickly, so I chose to take some sales training courses to learn what I needed to know. I had always admired the sales field, and I knew this was my chance to try it out.

I do not have a college degree. I had taken some college courses here and there in my younger years, but I often dropped out of them and only passed a few of them. Babies are born in only nine months’ time, so I knew that I didn’t have two or four years to spend slowly getting a degree. Time was not on my side when it came to that at all. I also knew that I needed a job that is commission based so that I could be more in control of how much money I bring in every month. With other types of jobs, you only get the chance to raise your wages when you work overtime, move up in the organization or when you’re lucky enough to get a raise.

With sales, you have the chance to make more money by working smart and putting your all into what you do every day. I knew that I would have the control to work harder when necessary to make more money. I am working full time in sales now, and I come home from work each night feeling a sense of accomplishment. The sales courses helped to prepare me, and I got a sales position where I’ve also received on-the-job training that has helped me, too.… Read More...

Essay Help Around the World

There are many people going to college throughout the world. It’s not just something you experience in the USA. It’s all across Europe, Asia, Canada, etc. I, myself, have experienced the stress of College and I’ve found that one of the most stressful things about it is the writing assignments. They can be so stressful and you’ll want to make sure they are practically perfect because of how much they count for your grades.

Uppsats means essay in Swedish and as you can expect, they also have stress for essays and other college writing assignments. This is why having help with essays can be essential. Such examples of help can be at college with tutoring or websites that are dedicated to helping people with their writing assignments. I’ve found some in English and Spanish. The one in particular that I found was in Swedish. I find it great that there are so many different websites for possible students.

I can easily remember all the stress I had when completing writing assignments. The biggest help I needed had to do with research papers. These are the biggest ones for classes and contain so much of your final grade in just a few pages. It is incredibly stressful and if a website exists that can help you through the writing, editing, etc. process then that’s great. I know this definitely would’ve been useful when I was going to college.

The internet wasn’t as prevalent as it was now when I was going to college so their simply wasn’t an option for me to use these services. However, given that it is 2021 now, I would certainly encourage all college students to at least check them out in case they need the help. Just keep it on the backburner because you never know what will happen.… Read More...

Plagiarism Has Become a Universal Problem

A problem that is currently becoming exponentially larger each year in the area of education and research is plagiarism. Antiplagio as referred to in Italy show how Plagiarism has become a larger issue as many more students are currently using larger amounts of research in the completion of assignments. The problem has become a universal issue and is not limited to the United States. To combat this problem schools and institutions are creating various bodies to judge work for similarities and infractions related to plagiarism. For example, in the country of Italy has software tools to for students to facilitate their ability to check their work for plagiarism by employing “antiplagio” software. With the penalties for violation of plagiarism policies being enforced more harshly ranging from zero credit on the project reviewed to be expelled from the institution. At a minimum being found to be guilty of plagiarism will cause a large amount of embarrassment to the author of the paper and a loss of academic reputation. By making this tool available to students they have at least one source which is easy to use which can assist the student in checking sections of their paper or thesis by simply copying and pasting 400-word sections of their paper into the software. The software will return results next to the text box in which the section of words has been pasted which will indicate the percentage checked and indicate unique and/or plagiarized text. Since plagiarism can happen unintentionally by the author in that they may forget to reference the original source of a work it is incumbent upon a student authoring a research paper or thesis to use as many tools and methods as possible to detect any problems in their work which may possibly be labeled as plagiarism. The simple use of a free software tool such as this is a prudent way to gain security that you have not pirated a work intentionally or unintentionally.… Read More...

A Letter Written Entirely in Italian

My Italian teacher gave the class an assignment to test our Italian fluency. She told us to write a letter to a fictional pen pal entirely in Italian. We were allowed to use any words we wanted in the letter, as long as they fit correctly into each sentence on a grammatical level. The letter had to be at least two pages long, but we could write more if we wanted to do so. I thought writing more than two pages would be overkill, so I stuck to the required page length. I used the Analisi Logica grammar checker to make sure that all of my sentences were grammatically correct.

I never thought that writing to a fictional person could be so hard. While I was creating my letter, I kept getting writers block. Part of that was because I couldn’t come up with something interesting to write, and the other part was that I had a little trouble thinking of the right way to say it in Italian. A lot of the other students had similar problems while writing their letters. I talked to some of the other students about their letters after they submitted them, and some of them had similar letters to one another. The teacher probably figured this would happen, especially since we’ve all been learning the same words.

The teacher was impressed with the letter that I wrote. She liked that I included some new words that weren’t covered in the class, but she also wished that I had written more than the required two pages. My teacher wanted to know if I’m going to take Italian after the required two semesters that every student is required to take, and I told her that I wasn’t sure. While I like Italian, there are some other classes that I want to take.… Read More...

The Most Beautiful Words I’ve Ever Written

My great aunt died recently and I was given the task of coming up with something in Italian to put in her funeral program. It took a while, but I though of some really beautiful words to celebrate her memory. I wanted to make sure that the text I wrote was formatted with the correct grammar. I’ve seen quite a few websites that perform grammar checks for English text, but I needed one that would perform a grammar check for Italians. I was skeptical that one even existed, but I was able to find one after I did some searching.

After running my text through the grammar checker, I learned that my text was nearly perfect, except for one error. I haven’t written or spoken any Italian in a while, so I was surprised that I was still able to remember how to write text that was long enough. I guess all those years of living in a household where my parents would randomly start speaking Italian in the middle of an English sentence really helped. I showed the text to some of my other family members and they thought it was beautiful and that everyone at the funeral would be moved.

On the day of the funeral, I had a mix of emotions. I was sad that my great aunt died, and I was a little anxious because I was wondering how everyone would react to the words I wrote. Even though the family members who saw my text already liked it, I was thinking about the ones who hadn’t seen it yet. When the text was read aloud at the funeral, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. When everyone learned that I was the one that had written the text, they told me how beautiful it was and called me a great writer.… Read More...