Does Landscaping in Rhode Island Add Value to a House?

If you’re a homeowner considering landscaping in Rhode Island then you’re in the right place. Landscaping is a great way to increase curb appeal and many other great benefits including adding value to your home. We’re going to go over how much value can be added to your home using landscaping and also what exactly are the best landscaping techniques to do to increase your home value the most.

How Much Value Does Landscaping Add To A Home?

Landscaping is the process of making your outside terrain more visually appealing and manipulating your landscape by planting trees, plants, and more. So, does landscaping add value to a home? It actually does. Landscaping can add on average about 15% more to your home value. Landscaping is a great thing to do regardless of if you’re looking to sell your home or not. The value of the home after landscaping is determined by the types of plants used and the overall design that was implemented.

What Are The Best Landscaping Projects To Add Value?

Landscaping in general can add home value, but as we stated a lot of the value is dependent on the type of plants used and the design. Here is a list of the best landscaping designs to go with if you’re looking for which landscaping designs and plants are best for increasing your home value. Click here for more information.

  1. Plant Trees: Trees are the perfect way to increase your home value and add great curb appeal to your landscape. ANy expert will say to plant trees as they can add up to $9,000 to your home value, but be aware of where you plant your trees. Don’t plant your trees too close to your home or septic area as this could cause problems in the future, so planning where your trees will be planted is essential.
  1. Walkway: The walkway to your front door is one of the first main areas that people will see of your home so using designs to accent this area can bring a lot of attention and curb appeal.
  1. Maintained Lawn: Having a lawn that is mowed and weeds that are pulled is essential to home value. A lot of home buyers will think that an unmaintained lawn has a negative connotation and they may not even put an offer on your home. Overall a maintained lawn can bring a lot of value to your home.
  1. Fire Pit: A fire pit is a little detail that can bring value to your home and also give the house a bit of uniqueness. It can be a great touch to help sell your home to potential home buyers as well.
  1. Water Feature: SOme sort of pool or pond can give you a great selling point, but also it adds a lot of value to your home. Having some sort of water area is a well desired thing among homeowners, so it’s best to incorporate it during your next job for landscaping in Rhode Island.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Landscaping is quite broad when it comes to the price of it because it mostly depends on how large the area of the property is. Typically companies will charge per square foot which can lead to a total price of between $4,000 and $15,000 for landscaping services. For simple designs and gardens you can expect to pay on the lower end, but for more complex designs and more needed labor, you’ll be paying on the higher end.

There are also certain factors that go into the pricing of your landscaping service such as these:

  • The conditions of the land make a huge impact on pricing because the soil type, terrain, and other aspects of the land can make a job much more difficult.
  • The size of your property is what a lot of companies charge as a base price. Most of them will charge a fee per square foot based on the design and that will help give you an estimate of costs.
  • Landscape features obviously play a huge role in the price. If you want a big pool or a sports park then you’re going to have to pay more for that than you would if you got a small pond or stuck with a lavish garden.
  • Finishing touches such as decor, pots for plants, or outdoor furniture will cost more but they’ll spice up your landscaping job very well.

The Bottom Line

Overall landscaping in Rhode Island can add value to a home. In fact, homeowners are expected to receive a 15% ROI on their landscaping investment. This is a great investment for an ROI return and also for great selling points. Landscapes are the first thing that people see when approaching your home so it’s important to keep them maintained. Landscaping in Rhode Island is a great idea if you’re looking to increase home value, sell your house, or just give your home a new refresh. If you’re interested in getting landscaping done for your property then be sure to contact a company that provides landscaping in Rhode Island to get started today.