Does Your Home Need Pressure Washing in Florida? (Quick Checklist to Tell)

Everyone wants the outside of their home to look nice and presentable. It’s why we spend so much time gardening, picking out paint colors, and repainting our garage doors: to leave a good impression on the neighbors, increase the curb appeal of the house, and feel proud of the way it looks.

When your house starts to look dirty or dingy, don’t despair. It may look normal for a while, just duller than it was when you first bought or painted it- then you start to notice the dirt, the bird droppings, and the algae growing on the sides. Pressure washing in Florida is a simple way to get it looking nice and clean once again. Here’s a quick checklist of signs that may indicate that your home needs to be pressure washed.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time the House Was Cleaned

In colder climates, it’s recommended to pressure wash a house between March and November; however, Florida winters are warm enough that a house can be cleaned during pretty much any month. Either way, houses should generally be pressure washed at least once per year. If you’re having trouble remembering when you last had the exterior cleaned, it’s probably time to have it cleaned again.

There’s Noticeable Dirt or Grime on the Exterior

Does the exterior of your house look dirty or dull? Layers of grime can build up on the outside without you noticing- until one day, the house just doesn’t appear to be the same color as it was a few years ago.

Your Roof Isn’t the Color it Was Before

The siding on your house isn’t the only thing that might look a little “off” if it’s time for pressure washer service in Clearwater. The roof can develop black streaks, which may or may not be noticeable on an asphalt roof because they’re already black- however, clay tile roofs are very popular in Florida and will likely show the dirt more clearly.

Moss and Algae Are Growing

Algae, moss, and lichen are unique plants. Unlike most plants, they do not require soil in order to grow, which is why you’ll often find algae growing on the surfaces of ponds and other stagnant water sources.

All algae, moss, and lichen need in order to grow on the side of your house is some moisture, which is why you will typically see them growing during the rainy season (usually spring). Not only can they make your home look dingy, they can eat away at the paint underneath if they’re left for too long. Pressure washing your Florida home can remove algae, which grows fairly well in the Florida humidity.

You’re Running Into Spiderwebs

Spiders spinning webs on the outside of your house is a clear indication that it needs to be pressure-washed. As far as eating away at the paint, spiderwebs are no big deal. However, it’s never pleasant to walk around your house and end up with a spiderweb in your face.

The Deck and Driveway Are Dirty

Your siding isn’t the only part of your home’s exterior that can benefit from pressure washing in Florida. Florida homeowners frequently seek out pressure washing services when their driveway starts to look dull or stained. Many get the impression that concrete becomes duller as it ages and that they just need to learn to live with their new grey driveway. In reality, pressure washing services performed by a professional can often bring the original color right back.

The deck is yet another popular target for pressure washing services. In cooler climates, homeowners may want to have their deck pressure washed once winter is over- the moisture that comes along with winter and early spring can lead to increased algae growth and dirt. Here in Florida, people tend to use their decks year-round, so it’s important to make time for pressure washing before summer hits.

How Often Should You Have Pressure Washing in Florida Done?

Once you spot the signs of a home in Florida that should be pressure washed, you may wonder if it’s something you should do regularly. It’s generally recommended for people to have their homes pressure washed once per year. Most people have it done either in the spring before summer arrives, or in the fall before the temperatures get cooler.

No matter what season you choose, you should always count on a professional pressure washing company to complete this service instead of trying to do it yourself. A “medium-duty” pressure washer dispenses water at a rate of 2000-2800 PSI (pounds per square inch). Accidentally spraying yourself in the foot with a hose is no big deal, but if that happens with a pressure washer, you could end up in the hospital with a potentially serious injury. Pressure washers can also damage your house if handled improperly, from broken screens to waterlogged walls. Play it safe and call a pressure washing company in Florida.