Help at the Last Minute

A friend of mine helped me out with a big problem last week. I forgot all about a paper that I had to turn in for my class. My friend finished her paper early and told me that I could use her paper to make mine. I told her that there was no way I would have enough time to rewrite her paper, and she told me that I could just use the Parafrasare website to rewrite the words and everything would be fine. I was hoping that she was right, because this paper was worth a large chunk of our grade in the class and I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t hand in something.

I had no idea that such a website existed, and now I’m wondering if my friend has ever used it before to write her own papers. It would explain how she is able to finish her papers so early. She could have easily either gotten information online and put it through the website, or even found whole papers that already exist and send them through the website. Either way, the paper she gave me was a pretty good paper, so if she had been sending it through the website, the website did a pretty good job. I ran the paper through the website and it created one with all of the sentences rewritten to look entirely different.

Thanks to my friend, I had a paper ready to turn into my professor without having to stay up all night to do it. I was a little worried that the professor would find out what I did, but he gave me a high grade on the paper, and my friend got a high grade as well. To celebrate, we ate dinner at Brazilian steakhouse and I paid for her meal as a thank you gift.