How To Find a Source for Home Heating Oil

If you’ve never lived in a home with an oil burning furnace before, it’s a different experience from having a common electric or natural gas furnace. Like homeowners with wood burning stoves and propane furnaces, you need to locate a source for the fuel that will keep you warm in the winter. You also need to decide how much to buy at once, which can be a tough call to make if cash is tight. Often, the prices for a refill in the middle of winter are a lot higher than the seasonal lows you see during summertime, so purchasing enough oil to last all season can save you a lot.

What’s Your Out the Door Price?

On top of the cost of the oil itself, you need to understand how much it’s going to cost to get it to you. It’s not like you can just go pick up a couple jugs at the store if you’re buying for a full sized home furnace. That means there will be delivery costs. Whether they are included in the initial quote or not varies, so if you’re going to comparison shop, you need to know if there are any extra costs like that, to make sure you find the best deals on home heating oil Sullivan County NY.

How Much To Buy?

There are two things to keep in mind when deciding how much oil to buy. One is the amount you used last year, the other is the threshold for volume discounts. If you have the tank capacity to buy a little more than you used last year but it saves you on each gallon, you might actually pay less out the door than buying exactly that amount. If it’s your first winter and you didn’t get an estimate on the annual oil consumption from the last owner, it’s worth asking the professionals who work for your local home heating oil company for a recommendation. They can tell you what the average home they service needs to make it without a midwinter delivery, which provides you with a good starting point for figuring out your first seasonal order.