How to Make Your Pet’s Trip to The Vet a Pleasant Experience?

Many pet owners will agree that their usually docile and friendly pets turn into frantic creatures when at the vet clinic. It’s common for pets to get anxious and stressed while visiting the animal hospital Virginia Beach. Examining aggravated and anxious pets can be challenging for doctors. Moreover, it can make the process a difficult experience for the pet as well. Being a pet owner, you might be wondering how to make the pet’s visit to the vet a less stressful and more pleasant experience for them.

Some easy tips to help your pet have a pleasant experience at the vet.

Don’t Hide The Carrier:

Do you use the pet carrier or cage only when it’s vet visit time? If yes, there are chances your pet has formed a negative association with the cage. If you notice that your pet goes into hiding as soon as you take out the crate, work on changing the situation. Once you fix the appointment to the pet hospital Virginia Beach, take out the carrier and place it in the vicinity of the pet. Put a new toy or treat inside the carrier to entice the pet to get inside the crate. Regularly repeating this activity will make your pet less anxious next time they see the carrier.

Take Your Pet on a Drive:

As the carrier, your pet may start associating your car with veterinary visits and freak out every time they enter in your car. Making a stressed pet walk through the veterinary doors can be an overwhelming experience for both of you. To help your pet stay relaxed while on the vehicle, take them on the short drive to the park or neighborhood.

Teach Your Pets some Basic Commands:

The trip to the vet can be really stressful for pets. Since there are other animals in the clinic, losing control over your pet can result in a catastrophe. It’s essential to teach your pets some basic commands like sit, stay, come, leave, down, etc. Your pet should give a response to the command and be obedient. Take out time from your day to teach your pet to master the orders and listen to you.

Play Veterinarian:

Performing regular health examination on your pet by yourself is one of the easiest ways to adjust your pet to being handled. Moreover, it will allow you to find any lumps or cuts on your pet. Mimic how the vet would perform physical examination like checking the teeth and gums, pressing the abdomen, etc. Doing so will make your pet less anxious when handled by the vet.

Make The Waiting Room Experience less Stressful:

When at the vet waiting for your turn, make sure you sit away from other pets. Chances are, your pet may get overwhelmed in the presence of other animals. Also, it will prevent your pet from catching or transferring any infection that they may have. You can also cover the carrier with a cloth or towel to block the sights and smells. When bringing large dogs, make sure they are in a leash.