I Need to Have Original Content

I write a lot of website content. I am a freelancer, and I get quite a bit of work, especially during these times. So many people are now going online to find what they need, which means that I am more in demand than ever before. I don’t work just for one company, and sometimes it can be hard to keep my material original. I have never taken material from elsewhere and passed it off on my own. I don’t even duplicate my own material! I did a search for rewriter article when I noticed a few months back that one of my articles seemed to be too similar to one I had written for another website.

I work for a lot of smaller independent retailers who only have one online shop and no physical shop. It is important for them to have good online content that will help them get to the top of the SEO search results. There are algorithms at play, and they all look for original content. That is why I have to make sure that none of my online articles are too similar to one another. If they are, then they will not get my clients a higher search engine ranking.

Since that is what is needed for them to attract new customers on a daily basis, I had to make sure that even if my articles may sound a bit alike, that they are definitely original in every way. The only way to do that since I write so much is to run them through a checker to make sure they all sound different. If any of them sound too much alike, then changes are made that make the content unique. I pay a very small amount to use this service, and it just means I make a higher profit myself. It really is a win win situation!