Plagiarism Has Become a Universal Problem

A problem that is currently becoming exponentially larger each year in the area of education and research is plagiarism. Antiplagio as referred to in Italy show how Plagiarism has become a larger issue as many more students are currently using larger amounts of research in the completion of assignments. The problem has become a universal issue and is not limited to the United States. To combat this problem schools and institutions are creating various bodies to judge work for similarities and infractions related to plagiarism. For example, in the country of Italy has software tools to for students to facilitate their ability to check their work for plagiarism by employing “antiplagio” software. With the penalties for violation of plagiarism policies being enforced more harshly ranging from zero credit on the project reviewed to be expelled from the institution. At a minimum being found to be guilty of plagiarism will cause a large amount of embarrassment to the author of the paper and a loss of academic reputation. By making this tool available to students they have at least one source which is easy to use which can assist the student in checking sections of their paper or thesis by simply copying and pasting 400-word sections of their paper into the software. The software will return results next to the text box in which the section of words has been pasted which will indicate the percentage checked and indicate unique and/or plagiarized text. Since plagiarism can happen unintentionally by the author in that they may forget to reference the original source of a work it is incumbent upon a student authoring a research paper or thesis to use as many tools and methods as possible to detect any problems in their work which may possibly be labeled as plagiarism. The simple use of a free software tool such as this is a prudent way to gain security that you have not pirated a work intentionally or unintentionally.