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One of the most intriguing questions asked about furniture fabric is how long lasting it can be. Individual preference is not the same, while some prefer leather fabric, others don’t. Nevertheless, this article focuses on the best type of furniture fabric that can easily resist wear and tear. First of all, you should know the cause of furniture fabric deteriorating.

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For instance, dust and dirt can make a fabric to wear and tear easily especially when in constant use. These minute fragments find a way to attach itself within or inside the furniture fabrics. Also, there is this force of friction that takes place when an individual seats on the furniture, and this force happens between the minute fragments and the furniture fabric. This action finally leads to the wearing and tearing of the fibers of the fabric of the furniture.

The thought of a string being tightly pulled continuously and a rock is being rubbed on it over and over would cause the snapping of the string. This scenario is what happens to your furniture fabric each time a person seat on it.

Linen and Cotton Furniture Fabric

This type of furniture fabric is well known for its hard fibers, which makes it more durable when it is tightly woven. When it is tightly weaved, chances of dust, water and dirt getting into it are very slim. Also, the fabric is not likely to get damaged easily. When the fabric is woven loosely, it would attract any object and cloth that comes in contact with it and cause holes on the furniture and ultimately lead to tears in the fabric. This type of furniture can be said to one of the best when it comes to durability.

Microfiber Furniture Fabric

In recent times, synthetic microfiber stands as one of the best when it comes to durability. The durability of this fabric can be traced to its fibers being ultra-fine and woven in a tight manner in a bid to build a strong coverage with immense power. When you coat your furniture with microfiber synthetic fabric, you can be rest assured that you are covered against some liquids, dirt and dust. This type of furniture is one of the most suitable furniture that can easily resist wear and tear.

Canvas Furniture Fabric

This type of furniture fabric can be said to possess the same quality as that of microfiber. More can be said about this type of furniture regarding its comfort and softness due to the largeness of the fibers. This specific fabric has also made waves in the furniture industry by coating exterior furniture. Various individuals observed that this type of furniture … Read More...