The Most Beautiful Words I’ve Ever Written

My great aunt died recently and I was given the task of coming up with something in Italian to put in her funeral program. It took a while, but I though of some really beautiful words to celebrate her memory. I wanted to make sure that the text I wrote was formatted with the correct grammar. I’ve seen quite a few websites that perform grammar checks for English text, but I needed one that would perform a grammar check for Italians. I was skeptical that one even existed, but I was able to find one after I did some searching.

After running my text through the grammar checker, I learned that my text was nearly perfect, except for one error. I haven’t written or spoken any Italian in a while, so I was surprised that I was still able to remember how to write text that was long enough. I guess all those years of living in a household where my parents would randomly start speaking Italian in the middle of an English sentence really helped. I showed the text to some of my other family members and they thought it was beautiful and that everyone at the funeral would be moved.

On the day of the funeral, I had a mix of emotions. I was sad that my great aunt died, and I was a little anxious because I was wondering how everyone would react to the words I wrote. Even though the family members who saw my text already liked it, I was thinking about the ones who hadn’t seen it yet. When the text was read aloud at the funeral, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. When everyone learned that I was the one that had written the text, they told me how beautiful it was and called me a great writer.