Top 5 Non-Emergency Reasons to Call a Plumber in Watertown, Connecticut!

It’s vital that homeowners call a plumber in Watertown, Connecticut, for frozen or burst pipes, overflowing toilets you can’t clear with a standard plunger, a broken water heater, and other such obvious emergencies. However, there are plenty of other non-emergency reasons to call a plumber, and reasons why a homeowner should avoid DIY repairs and maintenance. Check out the top 5 non-emergency reasons you should schedule plumbing services in your home and why these services should be left to the pros.

1. Call a Plumber in Watertown, Connecticut, for Drain Cleaning

As with regular car maintenance, drain cleaning keeps your home’s plumbing systems in good working condition and helps avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs! Drain cleaning helps clear away solid matter clinging to pipe walls or that has settled into pipes, before those solids can build up and cause clogs.

Regular pipe cleaning also removes standing water and along with it, bacteria and other bothersome toxins. Clogs in pipes and other plumbing fixtures also increase the risk of leaks and other damage. To reduce this risk and otherwise unnecessary repairs, schedule regular pipe and drain cleaning for your home. 

2. You Need a Plumber for Water Heater Replacement

Replacing a water heater involves more than simply removing the old appliance and then plugging in the new one! Water heater temperature controls should be set so the water doesn’t get overly hot, and it’s vital that a plumber check all pipes and connections for potential damage and leaks. This will ensure a safe installation.

Plumbers are especially vital for connecting gas water heaters, as it’s vital to ensure that the gas lines are also secure and in good condition. A gas leak can be dangerous and downright fatal, so never assume you can DIY a new water heater installation for your home! To ensure your safety and not risk voiding any warranties for the appliance, have a water heater installed by a pro.

3. Call a Plumber for Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Installation

As with a water heater, it’s often more complicated to install dishwashers and garbage disposals than homeowners realize. Not only do you need to connect the pipes properly but both appliances typically require added wiring and electrical connections, beyond just plugging them into a wall outlet.

Since water is a good conductor of electricity, you want to ensure your new built-in kitchen appliances are installed safely and properly, which means hiring a professional to get the job done right. A plumber can also test these appliances and ensure they’re functioning properly and safely, reducing the risk of leaks and other such needed repairs over time.

4. Persistent Clogs Mean It’s Time for a Plumber in Watertown, Connecticut

If a toilet or drain is clogged and cannot be cleared with a plunger, it’s time to call a plumber. Never use over-the-counter drain clearing chemicals, plumbing snakes, and other such products on clogged toilets or drains, as these are often damaging and can do more harm than good.

However, it’s also vital that you call a plumber in Watertown, Connecticut, for persistent clogs even if you can clear them with a plunger, thick dish soap, or other such safe method. Persistent clogs can indicate a plumbing leak in the home. Water running through pipes helps move solid waste along; if there is a leak, that water might run out of the pipe and allow solid materials to build up, leading to clogs.

Persistent clogs can also indicate plumbing pipes installed at the wrong angle or blocked vents, which are needed to create the vacuum that helps clear plumbing clogs. Rather than assuming that persistent clogs are harmless, call a plumber if you notice these throughout your home.

5. Odd Tastes, Colors, or Smells? It’s Time to Call a Plumber!

If water coming from your home’s taps tastes odd or seems off-color, it’s probably time to call a plumber. Odd tastes and colors might indicate damage to exterior plumbing pipes, which can then allow dirt and sediment to settle in those pipes, resulting in water that doesn’t taste fresh and which might have a brownish tinge.

Your home’s plumbing also shouldn’t smell odd, and you especially shouldn’t notice sewer smells coming up from taps and drains. Your home’s plumbing system includes vents designed to direct sewer gasses to the home’s exterior; if those vents are blocked, this can allow those gasses to build up and you’ll then notice unpleasant odors from the taps, drains, or toilets. Note that those gases are unhealthy as well as unpleasant, so call a plumber if you notice any such odors.

Homeowners should also remember that a plumber in Watertown, Connecticut, will also usually offer regular inspections, checking for developing leaks and other such damage. These inspections can ensure your home’s plumbing is always in good condition and help avoid unnecessary repair costs.